(Fall 2019)  As a company, Vintage Trailer Works is always looking for ways to improve both our trailers and our buying experience. We are all aware that these campers can get expensive. Financing is common for customers but it proved tricky with some lenders and sometimes if the the lenders would work with us the rates were not great. We have been working on being listed in the NADA RV values website for a while now. As of this past week we cleared the last hurdles and have approval from the NADA. We will be in the next listing as soon as they run the update. For right now we have an approval letter that we can forward to any lender so they can call and get values directly from the NADA team. This should help your purchase greatly in many ways. First by being able to work with most any lender of your choice. Second by allowing us to offer the best rates available for camper financing. Finally it will allow you to purchase with little to nothing down for deposits.  Vintage Trailer Works is the only small to medium sized builder that is listed in NADA.

If you have no preferences, Rock Solid is very familiar with Vintage Trailer Works and is very fast and easy to work with;